Welcome to Cycletune - Portland's quality motorcycle service & repair shop that welcomes motorcycles both new and old alike.

Owned and operated by Chris VanderVoort, Cycletune offers over 45 years of combined experience in the professional motorcycle industry. The past experiences of the Cycletune staff range from working for dealership service shops to serving in the highest mechanical capacity with a factory race effort. Chris, who has been awarded the designation of Honda Master Mechanic, trained in Japan as part of the Honda Racing Corporation and his time with Honda culminated in serving as the Lead Technician for the factory race team for five successful seasons. In addition, he has completed MMI, BMW, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki professional training. Joining Chris in the shop is Rob Conn, also a Honda Master Mechanic. With over 27 years in the motorcycle industry, Rob brings a great deal of knowledge to Cycletune based on his vast level of experience over the years working on a variety of motorcycles from the past to the present.

Here at Cycletune, we have the capacity to handle your motorcycles needs, from the routine to the most demanding of tasks. From oil changes to custom builds for street, dirt and track, we can apply the winning touch to your valued motorcycle. We also sell parts and accessories and offer racer discounts. While we have the extensive experience and skills that you can count on, our shop rates remain affordable and we apply the same professional, detailed approach to any motorcycle brought in for work, regardless of the age or manufacturer. If you are looking for a shop that is capable of applying the same level of attention demanded by the factories themselves to your own motorcycle at reasonable rates, please contact us to discuss our services.

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